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4-Way Chloe Bandeau Top - Centered Chartruese

Bringing multiple bikinis while traveling takes up so much precious space. This means that other important items have to be sacrificed and left at home which can lead to outfit fails! Not feeling fully prepared while traveling can cause lack of confidence, emotional stress and unnecessary shopping to fill the voids.

The 4-way Chloe Bandeau topfeatures 2 wearable directions, 2 shimmering shades of green along with cinch-able straps for a customized fit, providing multiple ways to wear. Bringing this one top provides 4 different options saving space and taking the stress out of packing light. Soak in the sun with a new bikini that enhances any beach look over and over again.

Reasons why you MUST TRY this top!

 ✅ SAVE MONEY: With the 4-Way Chloe Bandeau Top, buying the 1 means getting 4 new tops!  Feel proud to save and spend all that extra money on the vacation of a lifetime.

 ✅ CINCH THE STRAPS: The double straps are designed to be cinched into a desired FIT and perfect bust coverage. The versatility ensures the exact amount of coverage needed to feel confident while wearing.

 ✅ NOT JUST FOR SWIM:  A bikini top doesn't just stop at the beach, it also wears it as a crop top! Pair the Chloe Bandeau Top with a favorite high waisted jean and continue feeling fabulous all night long!

 ✅  SHIMMERING FABRIC GETS ATTENTION: Our Signature CARVICO ™️ shimmering fabric is imported from Italy bringing luxurious quality and fabric longevity.  Get ready for those compliments as the sun kisses the shimmering jewel tones.



We understand how stressful our wardrobe selection can be for for an important trip. Not being able to fit everything we would like to carry leaves us feeling under packed and unprepared. A recent article says we should pack 3-4 bikinis for a 7 day trip. That can take up a lot of precious space!

With the 4-Way Chloe Bandeau Top we are no longer faced with the challenges on how to pack light for a trip plus all the added benefits of the cinch-able straps and reversible color keep you looking great every time you wear. Now you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the sun without all of the worry.


 Product Specifications

Fabric: 98%polyester 12% Spandex



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