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Chloe + Piper - Centered Chartreuse

Almost all bikini bottoms have thick rubber and tight stitching on the edges that tend to cut and dig into the bum. This standard way of finishing the edges results in unwanted rippling of the skin, creating that embarrassing backside beach look we all know and fear.  A poor fitting bikini will cause anyone to become self conscious and feel the need to cover up or sometimes stop wearing them altogether. 


The Chloe + Piperset features a folded edge on the bum which eliminates ALL digging and sits softly on the skin enhancing any and all curves.  Show up feeling extra confident in our #1 best selling bottom paired perfectly with the 4-Way Chloe Bandeau Top. This bikini set will have you feeling like your BEST self all summer long.

Reasons why you MUST TRY this set!


 ✅ Perfectly Cheeky Bottoms:  The Piper Bottom features a center back seam which minimizes the coverage and shows off the perfect amount of skin. Feel ultra confident and exude those goddess vibes with a bottom designed with impeccable coverage.

 ✅ ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The side straps feature ring and slide hardware so the fit can be adjusted each time its worn. Feel comfortable knowing this bottom will consistently fit perfectly no matter how much our bodies fluctuate.

✅ WEAR ULTRA HIGH OR LOW:  The Piper Bottom was engineered with the ability to be worn ultra high on the hip or straight across as a hipster. No matter the body shape, experience a suit that can be placed where it feels just right.

✅ SMOOTH FINISH: Our signature stitch-less construction takes swimwear to the next level. Get a natural butt lift magically with the Piper Bottom that hugs ever so perfectly.

 ✅ SAVE MONEY: With the 4-Way Chloe Bandeau Top, buying the 1 means getting 4 new tops!  Feel proud to save and spend all that extra money on the vacation of a lifetime.


 ✅ NOT JUST FOR SWIM:  A bikini top doesn't just stop at the beach, the Chloe Bandeau Top also wears as a crop top! Pair with a favorite high waisted jean and continue feeling fabulous all night long!

 ✅  SHIMMERING FABRIC GETS ATTENTION: Our Signature CARVICO ™️ shimmering fabric is imported from Italy bringing luxurious quality and fabric longevity.  Get ready for those compliments as the sun kisses the shimmering jewel tones.



We understand how easy it is to feel self-conscious in our most vulnerable out-fit in front of others. It can completely consume our mind when all we can think about is how we look in a bikini. A recent study says that finding the perfect bikini is 65% harder than finding the perfect pair of jeans. 

The fit of our signature Piper Bottom is so superb it will boost confidence and elevate all of thedivine feminine energy within. The booty enhancing soft edges and fully adjustable straps means you have finally found the PERFECT fitting bottom. Now you'll never need worry about how you look again or cover up your curves, your new Chloe + Piper set will have you exquisitely covered and feeling great.


 Product Specifications

Fabric: 98%polyester 12% Spandex



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