About Us

HeatherLeigh was created by two best friends who exemplify the nature of a ‘free spirit’. The duo embraces the world, beaming positive energy, knowing that the universe sends it right back. Travel and experience is the heartbeat; and fashion is the expression of our findings. 

Through our designs we have found solutions that embrace the constant evolution of daily moods and our bodies natural changes. This we accomplished through classic colors that can be styled differently everyday and adjustable fit features that transform as much as we do. 

Our pieces allow a woman to live free, feel confident, be sexy and shine bright. HeatherLeigh empowers the mind, body and soul to focus on living in the moment and feeling like a goddess.


Our Mission

HeatherLeigh believes in the Law of Attraction. The energy a person sends out into the universe is what they get back. With that belief we strive to approach every thought and action with positive vibes and energy.