At HeatherLeigh we believe in the law of attraction; the ability to bring about positive change in your life by putting positivity into the universe.

Each HeatherLeigh bikini is made with intention. Love and positivity are woven into each piece, while thoughtful fit features enhance your curves and capture your inner beauty. 

Swimwear fit for a goddess.


About Us

HeatherLeigh was created by two free spirited friends. We embraced the world, beaming positive energy knowing that the universe was sending it right back. Travel and experience was the heartbeat; and fashion was the expression of our findings.

All suits are made in classic colors that can be styled differently everyday and have adjustable fit features that transform as much as you do.

Our pieces allow a woman to live free, feel confident, be sexy and shine bright. HeatherLeigh empowers the mind, body and soul to focus on living in the moment and feeling like a goddess.