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aprile 15, 2021 3 min read

We all experience times in our lives when we feel a little low. Maybe you’re struggling with emotions of inadequacy, self-doubt, or sadness. Maybe you’re going through a divorce; frustrated with your progress towards a goal; or feeling stunted in your career.

It’s during these times that we need to incorporate even more self-care and channels for positive energy. There are many ways to achieve this, but one of our favorite ways is by incorporating healing crystals to create a safe space and invite new energy. This can be done wherever you feel most comfortable or through a goddess bath ritual. 

If you’re new to the idea of using healing crystals, we’ve got you. Read on for a little overview on what they are and 5 crystals we recommend if energy, strength, and self-love is what you need. 

Why Use Healing Crystals

Healing crystals, like other forms of alternative medicine, help restore balance to your mind, body, and soul. Borrowing concepts from traditional Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, crystal healing is similar to that of chakra healing. They work by serving as conduits of life-energy that connect the physical elements of the body to the spiritual elements of the universe. 

Every healing crystal is unique and provides different healing properties. To find the right crystal or set of crystals for your specific needs, determine what is inviting your negativity (self-doubt, confusion, etc) and then find the healing crystal that restores the opposite, positive element to that (self-love, clarity, etc.) Healing crystals, combined with other elements of self-care, will help restore the strength and energy that you need to feel like the goddess that you are. 

To dive deeper on what crystals can do for you, check out this really greatBeginner’s Guide. The understanding that you’ll glean from this will help ensure you’re using and treating your crystals properly!

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5 Healing Crystals We Love


  1. Rose Quartz - Known as the stone of universal love, a rose quartz crystal encourages self-love by opening the heart and restoring trust. 
  2. Jasper - The “supreme nurturer”, the jasper crystal will absorb negative energy and replace that space with tranquility and honesty with one’s self.
  3. Moonstone - This crystal promotes inner strength and growth for new beginnings, and works to ease emotional stress in the transition. The moonstone also enhances intuition, inspiration, and success.
  4. Ruby - Representing passion and vitality, the Ruby crystal promotes increased energy levels, especially in sensuality, intimacy, and intellect. 
  5. Tiger’s Eye - This stone will help rid your mind of fear and self-doubt and replace it with harmony and understanding, promoting clear and conscious decision-making. 


Plus check out thisEnergy-Clearing Baby Selenite Stick!

Healing Energy for Goddess Love

A goddess exudes positivity outward, so using crystals to heal your energy is not only an act of self-love, but also an act of love towards others. If you’re not feeling like that goddess that you are, we invite you to try incorporating healing crystals into your self-care routine, and see the positive energy that manifests for yourself.


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