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abril 01, 2021 3 lectura mínima

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t enjoy taking a good bath?? We don’t think there is! While baths were a common part of our childhoods, as adults we know that soaking in a tub of warm water (an act that has evolved tremendously over centuries) has benefits that extend way beyond cleansing. 

Baths are now popular relaxation features in spas; bathing beauty products are widely available; and wellness groups advocate for their physical and mental benefits. And we believe baths can offer incredible spiritual benefits as well. When set up properly, they can help us reconnect with our divine feminine and find our inner strength. Here’s a quick look at the history of baths and how their healing powers can be used to help us awaken our inner goddesses.

Baths: A Short History

The idea of being healthy wasn’t associated with the act of private bathing, or even with water, until the 18th century. Up until then, outdoor Roman Era bath houses in Europe were established as public hubs for socializing, where dozens could gather to exercise, talk, and even enjoy meals while in the water. These baths evolved much over time, with the English city of Bath and it’s beautiful hydrothermal springs and new sophisticated water systems, eventually setting the standard for social bathing culture in 500-300 BC. 

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From 710-1300s AD, European bathing culture spread to Asia, first China, and then to Japan. While some of the social bathing rituals carried over, Asians viewed baths as rituals for sacred religious or healing practices, not for socializing or exercising. Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists would bathe sparingly to help remove bodily and spiritual impurities. Those who were sick would go to steam baths looking for healing. 

Healing Benefits

Earthly Benefits - Mental, Emotional, & Physical

Today, baths are commonly used for their health and healing benefits. Helpful in treating a variety of daily stresses and medical concerns, baths are one of the most holistic and accessible remedies for self-care. 


Warm water with essential oils or natural salts can soothe mental and emotional stresses and relax the body’s physical stresses. Baths can aid in pain relief, for those who suffer from discomfort in the joints, tendons, or muscles, and can aid in getting deeper sleep. For people with high blood pressure, baths can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure naturally in just 10 minutes of immersion! And that’s not all - a small study conducted in 2016 found that baths ALSO burn calories. That’s right. Not many - but the study found that sitting in a bath or a hot tub for an hour burned about as many calories as a 30min walk. 

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Spiritual Benefits - Awakening Your Inner Goddess

Less commonly acknowledged are the divine healing powers of baths. We believe that the benefits of baths extend way beyond just the conventional earthly physical and mental. With the right setup and elements, a bath can provide a transformative spiritual experience that not only manifests positive personal energy, but also helps you reconnect with your inner divine strength and goddess beauty. The result of this is you feeling more confident, sexy, and beautiful!

Creating a sacred space around your bath and incorporating magnets for positive energy - tools like upliftingcandles, healingcrystals, andincense - prepares an environment that welcomes spiritual enlightenment. If you’re new to using healing crystals,here’s a great guide that I recommend reading first.

HeatherLeigh Swimwear - Goddess Bath Ritual

Setting clear intentions in this moment will guide you towards emotional, physical, and mental cleansing, and enable you to breathe deeply and embrace the self-love that surrounds you.

DIY: Goddess Bath Ritual for Positive Energy

A modern day goddess, to us, is a woman that is in tune with her divine feminine, practices self-love, exudes confidence, and welcomes positive energy from the Universe as she reflects it back out. Your path to self-love and enlightenment is so important to us, and we’re here to help every woman awaken their inner goddess.


Every purchase of a HeatherLeigh swimsuit includes aDIY Goddess Bath Ritual Guide. These step-by-step instructions will navigate you to create a transformative and relaxing bath ritual, including from what tools to use to how best to prepare the space. And the best part? Once you’ve done it, you can share the guide with other women, so that they may also be able to awaken their inner goddesses. 

HeatherLeigh Swimwear -Goddess Bath Ritual

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