HeatherLeigh Swimwear. What sets us apart from other swimwear brands?

What sets us apart from other swimwear brands? I get very excited to share the answer to this question because we really do offer something special.

Our brand is all about FIT.

As a consumer and bikini enthusiast I always seem to experience bikini bottoms that always seem to cut and dig into my tush creating a very unflattering ripple effect. The alternative option to this dilemma was wearing a bottom that covers the whole back side and cups the tush. (a.k.a full coverage bottom). But, as a confident women who appreciates and loves to show off her curves this was not an acceptable option. I wanted to wear a cheeky bikini with out the digging! 

Thankfully I just so happen to be a Fashion Designer specializing in swimwear! After 10 years designing swimwear for labels such as Anne Cole, Calvin Klein and Express I decided to start my own line and fill this need. I knew that if I had this problem with swimwear, a million other women did as well.


We have 2 very carefully designed bottoms. Our #1 best seller is our PIPER bottom. There are 3 major FIT features that make this bottom the ABSOLUTE BEST.

Feature 1: The Piper features a slightly plunging curve in the front paired with ring and sliders hardware on the straps so that you can adjust the height and control where it lays. With this feature you can wear it low, like a hipster or wear it really high like an ultra high waist "80's" cut. The versatility makes it wearable no matter what shape you are, curvy, pear, square....you name it, it can adjust.

A MAJOR added bonus is that the bottom can fluctuate as much as we do! If you're anything like me...my bikini can fit great one week and then not so great the next due to bloat, lady business or maybe that extravagant weekend when I was stuffing my face with wine and cheese:D

Feature #2: Eliminate the digging.

ALL of our bottoms feature what we call a "Second-Skin Finish". What this means is that we have designed the back panels so that the edge of the bikini that sits on your tush is on the fold. This means there is no stitching or thick rubber on the edge that causes all of that unwanted digging and unflattering ripple effect.